Lesson #30 Make Your Soap Mess Free! Felt It!

July 22, 2011

Marriage is all about compromise. 

David's family keeps the butter on the counter.
My family keeps the butter in the fridge.
Compromise: we keep the butter on the counter, covered, and for short amounts of time

I like liquid soap for the shower.
David likes bar soap for the shower. 
(I think it gets gross when it makes a pile of goo on the shower edge)
Compromise: I made felted soap

Here's what you'll need: 
*wool batting
*hot water

You can look up a ton of youtube videos on how to do this if you please. They are each 10 minutes long and have 98 steps. OR you can can follow my very technical instructions. 

1. Wrap thin, stretched out layers of wool around the bar, alternating directions, until the soap is no longer visible
2. Sprinkle with warm/hot water (not boiling) and pat bar until completely wet
3. Rub bar for about 5 minutes until the surface is firm. Let Dry.  

We had lots of fun just hanging out and rubbing soap together. I think this felted soap tutorial is such a fun and easy craft, everyone should try it!

I'm going to miss you so much Lynette. I love you!


  1. I love the designs on the soaps! I have been intrigued since I first saw these a while back but have never tried it yet.

  2. got a compromise for which way the toilet paper should roll? ha ha very cute you crafty girl!

  3. I just saw felted soap in a store for the first time yesterday! I am definitely going to try this...looks like a fun girls day activity to me.

  4. I had never seen soap like this before--how cute! Would make really nice, inexpensive gifts too. Like maybe a set of 3 in a box decorated with scrapbooking paper? Great idea, Anna <3
    ~Kathy M

  5. this is so nifty and what a great party making idea. thanks for posting.
    saw via Free Pretty Things for You.

  6. I think I'll do this with the grandkids! They would love it! So cute!

  7. First time I've seen this. So it's like a scrubby, more or less? And doesn't get soap film all over? And does it make the soap last longer? I'm intrigued. =)

  8. Yes! It works like a scrubby :)

    Felt is naturally anti-fungal so you shouldn't have a problem with it going bad either! I'm not sure if it will make the soap last longer or not... I guess I'll find out!

    I keep my soap on a little dish that has holes so it drains well.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Hi!
    I am your new follower!
    I love your blog! I loved these Felted Bar Soaps. Very Innovative!
    Do visit my blog too and follow it if you like!

  10. what a fun idea! I've never heard of this before...but I really like it!

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! And thanks for linking back to my party too :)

  11. I've always wanted to try this. Thank you for the tutorial -- and for making it look so easy. Sharon, www.craftsncoffee.wordpress.com.

  12. Not being a crafty person myself....I was wondering were can you get the felt? I would to try this project! My husband and I have the same issues on soap :-)

  13. You can get the batting a michael's in the felting section :) It looks like fluff wound in a ball :)

    happy felting!

  14. Hi, since I assume you've used this for a while now, what happens as you use up the soap? Does the felt shrink with it? My problem is in the shower where I can't avoid getting the soap wet when I wash my hair, so the soap runs all down the wall and leaves icky soap scum. Would this help at all with that? Thanks very much!

  15. Good Question!

    The checkered one didn't stay together as well as the red and green meshy type ones. Those worked the best because they really 'felted' together, the ones that are mores decorative don't stay together AS well, but we definitely still use 'em.

    The felt doesn't really shrink so much, but it does stay in tact and work great.

    We still keeps our on a little soap thing that helps it drain, so I'm not sure... but I know that it lasts MUCH MUCH longer for sure.

    Also, wool is anti-fungal so that helps with it not getting moldy or anything. Ours always dry out really fast too.

    Hope this helps!

  16. I tried this! My felt seemed to not stick together as well. The overlapping pieces just stuck out off of the soap. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Let's see...
      Are you talking about this woven pattern in particular?

      When learning to felt soap it is best to start off with a very simple pattern... this one takes some practice.

      Once you master the regular felting (LOTS AND LOTS of rubbing mostly), then this one is essentially a more time consuming version of a normal one.

      The layers on this woven one didn't stick as well as the marbled ones... but it still worked and got more enmeshed over time...

      Also, are you using wool batting?

      Does this help?

  17. I didn't try any pattern in particular. I just spread out some felt and sprinkled and rubbed, but where I folded the edges over, it seemed to stay in separate pieces. I rubbed a lot, but it didn't seem to help.

    1. Make sure you are not using FELT purchased from craft stores. I believe wool is used for this project. Felted wool.

  18. Your pieces should be VERY VERY thin if you are having trouble... you should be able to see through them basically...

    Overlap these VERY thin layers in different directions so that there are tons of different seams rather than just one large seem.

    Does that help?

  19. I saw a similar project for felted eggs in Family Fun magazine. You cover plastic eggs and felt the wool in the washing machine. Put the eggs in a nylon stocking before felting. I haven't tried it yet. The directions can be found on the Family Fun web site.

  20. I've never worked with felting but I've really wanted to try it. Your DIY is going to be my first project. I am so excited. Thanks!

  21. Ummm they have a thing for butter on the counter....water in the bottom and butter in the lid....submerge lid in the water and makes an airtight seal....will keep butter fresh out of fridge for a long time.

  22. http://www.pleasanthillgrain.com/butter-keeper-butter-bell-french-butter-crock-porcelain-ceramic-marble-dish.aspx. .....oh and I like you soap too

    1. NICE! Will have to check this out for sure :)

      Thanks Laurie! Happy Saturday to you friend!

    2. I've heard of using the felted soap for a pin cushion. The soap makes the pins glide through your fabric easily.

  23. Cute except it probably looks gross when you're pretty dirty and there is gunk all over felt. I would think bacteria would form in felt.

    1. Hmmm... I've been using this type of soap in my shower for a year now and no trouble yet... I read somewhere that felt is anti-fungal... not sure it that is true but I haven't had any sort of mold issues. I do make sure to put my soap on a shelf in the shower where it can fully dry each time though :)

  24. I just made two of these in probably ten minutes time, and they are awesome. They make a great up-cycle if you have any old/mismatched dishtowels you are no longer using! I would say you can get about five out of a standard size dishtowel. melt and pour soap bases


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