Lesson #28 Susanville, CA is Highly Underrated

July 19, 2011

Have you seen the PBS documentary Prison Town, USA?
Sappy, twangy sad music, filmed on a dark and stormy night, dramatic interviews...
If you haven't, please don't.

You will spend 87 minutes of your life on understanding Susanville, CA to be doom and gloom... instead of what I know it to be, which is THIS...

I spent a few days last week with two of my BESTEST buds in this very underestimated little town.

Best budget vacations ever... are the ones where you visit and stay with friends! Cheaper than a resort AND much tastier!

It may be small BUT there are many positive contributions that Susanville has made to our world! We brainstormed those contributions while laying in a tent at the nearby Eagle Lake. We have worked hard to compile them for you. These are for all those other one-stoplight towns out there in the world that are just stellar.

-Susanville has two movie theaters! (the one at the end of the hill is run into by semi trucks passing though at least a few times every year)
-The Frosty Mill has the most glorious oreo milshakes (I am a first hand witness)
-Susanville has a Christmas Tree lighting every year
-The new Miss California is from Susanville!
-Families of deer often live on the front lawns of Susanville residents
-Their community college is one of the ONLY two in the U.S. to offer gunsmithing
-The Lassen County fair is a BIG deal
-They have two starbucks (one in safeway, and the regular starbucks two doors down)
uhhhh.... I'm sure there's many more things too ;)

What  do you love about small towns?


  1. I love visiting places like that for vacations! :) We went to Stinson Beach for our honeymoon, just north of SF, and it was a beautiful small, coastal community. So quiet and peaceful, and yet so full of personality.

    As for living in small towns, that's pretty much been my life. I love the community feel of it all, and how you have such unique spots to visit. I currently live in LA, which is huge, but I live in a certain part that seemed super overwhelming at first and totally unfriendly, but now it really feels like a home and community. We walk to our favorite dining spots, have our own coffee shop down the street, and are really enjoying the culture. In a way, I guess you could say, it feels much like a small town in a big city. :)

  2. P.S. Can you post your marshmallow recipe?

  3. Stinson Beach sounds WONDERFUL!

    I totally know what you mean about smaller town parts of a BIG town :)

    It's great when you get to know that cute little places, it does make everything feels so much more friendly and small :)

    Thanks for the comment Julie!


  4. Thanks for the recipe link! I've always wanted to try my hand at marshmallows. :)

  5. I am originally from that area, and I love Susanville!

    Thanks for a fabulous blog, ideas and recipes!



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